May 25, 2022

About Us

We provide a 100% UK based digital transcription service to clients from a wide range of niches, including – academic, legal, financial, business and research related matter. Each month we transcribe tens of thousands of minutes of audio for clients of all sizes across the UK.

What are we about? Well at Business Visions it is less about us and more about you. Your company, your products, your goals. We want to get to know you, to understand what you want to achieve and to help you achieve it. We are a team of dedicated, down to earth professionals.

We offer a wealth of experience and creativity, believe passionately in what we do and get a real buzz from watching our clients’ businesses grow or are delighted with what we do, and seeing them not just happy but delighted. We pride ourselves in our levels of service and enthusiasm for improving your business. We believe we are honest about what services we offer and the results we can deliver. We have a positive, can-do attitude that is generic amongst the whole of our team. Our aim is to be a vital extension of your business, kick-starting growth where it is needed or being a further extension when required. And best of all we offer high levels of service at low prices.

We can provide you with almost everything that an on-site employee can, often rather more, without adding to the administrative burden involved with employing someone – no National Insurance contributions, no employers’ tax contributions, no pension plan, no holiday or sick pay and no other benefits. Just pay us for the work we do. We work from our own offices and have vast experience as personal assistants, office managers, secretaries, administrative staff, and directors of companies. Although we will not be able to make your coffee or open the post, we are there for you, wherever you happen to be, or whenever you need us.

Outsourcing is all about reducing costs. Fewer or possibly no salaried staff members in a business means lower overheads. Cutting out unnecessary costs could lead to a healthier profit for your company/department.

The Team @ Business Visions

Tel: 0845 838 8690 or 01676 536480