July 3, 2022


Business Visions works with highly confidential material every day of the week, for example disciplinary interviews and sensitive data, and is registered with the Data Protection Act 1988. We therefore comply with guidelines in relation to keeping clients’ information confidential. Visit www.ico.gov.uk to see the list of companies that are registered.

To us confidentiality is paramount.

  • Each member of the Business Visions team signs a Confidentiality Agreement and agrees not to disclose any information relating to our clients to third parties. Comments and discussions relating to clients’ work are restricted to other team members and are only a means to gain information or assistance from each other to help the team work as a unit to ensure continuity and accuracy.
  • Analogue recordings are converted to digital format for the purpose of transcription.

If you have any specific requirements or have any concerns about the confidentiality of your material, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to sign any client specific non-disclosure or Confidentiality Agreement.

We commit to:

  • Safeguard the confidentiality of all documents and information
  • Never divulge any information of any sort to third parties
  • Protect the business interests of our clients at all times
  • Avoid conflicts of interest; if there are any potential conflicts, we will inform the client and discuss a resolution

See our T&C’s and Privacy Policy