May 25, 2022

Recording Tip 7

Conduct introductions – ask each person present to identify themselves individually for the tape. Ask each participant to say their name, and information such as job title and their role (i.e. meeting manager etc). This will help the transcriber to ‘tune in’ to a particular voice, and may enhance the chances of recognising that voice later on in the recording. If the meeting involves many participants, perhaps ask each person to state their name every time they make a comment or acknowledge the comment by saying “thank you Steve”. If a person introduces themselves at the beginning, but then doesn’t say another word for some time, it is unlikely that the transcriber will be able to remember what that earlier voice sounded like or be able to identify its owner particularly if the voices/accents are similar. Please try to thank each participant by name after their contribution – this will give the transcriber clues as the meeting progresses.

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